Amazon Alexa Setup Support

Amazon Alexa Setup Support

Amazon Alexa is a wireless speaker device, it is also a takes voice command by a user and give response accordingly. The device is cylindrical in shape and is approximately 3 inches wide and nine-inches in height. Alexa has an array of seven microphones which helps it to listen to voice command. Amazon Alexa helps the user to play their favorite music, set alarms, create a to-do and even user can ask for real-time information from Alexa. Alexa can also control smart light system at home such as Philips Hue light System and it is easy to setup Alexa.  But sometimes while using Alexa user face some issues like device not connecting or any other issues.

Are you facing issue while using your Alexa Device? Then in order to get complete support and service, you can call on Alexa Tech Support Phone Number. Alexa comes with button control system as well which mean their separate button for Microphone, Action, and Volume.

Here are few steps to set up your Alexa for the first time:-

  1. Make sure you plug Alexa after unpacking it. Then download and install Amazon Alexa Application on your phone
  2. Once you have installed Alexa Application on your phone and the device is plugged in wait for the light indicator
  3. When the light indicator turns orange in color it means that your device is ready to get configured.
  4. Now connect your Alexa with your WI-Fi
  5. Open Alexa application and Now login and complete the installation process
  6. Complete the setup by following the simple step as given in the wizard

Alexa is programmed to respond when called by its name ‘Alexa’. So, when the user says Alexa then the user can see a rotating blue light around the top of the device. A user can play their music playlist through the speaker. Your Alexa can be connected to Amazon Prime Account with which when granted music can be purchased as well. Then Alexa can be commanded by saying “Alexa, play song” and Alexa then will respond to your command by start playing the playlist. With prime music system, a user can create a personal playlist, for example, the user can command Alexa to play Tom Cruise Playlist.

One of the important things is that Alexa can only respond to the query which is already there in her database. Once Alexa database is updated then you can easily ask Alexa to solve a mathematical problem and even a user can query Wikipedia using Alexa.

Alexa also the user to make a to-do list and user can simply add a thing to the list be commanding Alexa. The user can say “Alexa, add an item to my Shopping list”.

Sometimes, the user faces issue while using Alexa. If you face any issue then don’t worry just call on Alexa Support Phone Number and get your query resolved. Alexa Setup Support Number is the best way to get instant support on your device. So, call now and give it a go!

Amazon Alexa Setup Support
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Amazon Alexa Setup Support
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Contact on Amazon Alexa Customer Support Number 1-855-278-4642 if you are facing issues in your Amazon Alexa.