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Lexmark Printer Setup

For centuries people have been using writing way to save any information, along with it people have changed their habit as well. Now, with the change in technology, it has become really easy to make a printout. A Lexmark Printer device has made it easy for the customer to print a number of copies of a single document. But, like other electronics a printer as well as require technical assistance. Printers manufactured by Lexmark are easy to use, durable and provide high performance to the customers. They are not only user-friendly but provide multipurpose features to users. Sometimes user faces issues in using a printer. That is why Lexmark Printer Customer Service offers around the clock 24/7 support for the users in trouble.

Certified Technician at Lexmark Printer Support own complete information on printer related issue and have years of experience in find solution quickly. While you call on Lexmark Printer Support Phone Number make sure that you provide complete details on your issue and the model number of the printer. This will help the technical engineer to find the exact solution to the problem. Lexmark Tech Support is accessible around the clock 24/7 so the user can call whether it is day or night and get their issue resolved.

Some of the common issues faced by the customer are as follows:-

  1. Printer not printing: If your printer is not showing any error message then first make sure that your printer is connected using USB or Ethernet cable. It is common problem of wireless model and occurs due to driver been corrupted. You can contact Lexmark Printer Support for complete assistance.
  2. Printer printing black and white printer instead of color prints: If your printer is not printer colored prints but rather printer black and white prints then it is a problem of the cartridge. Check if the cartridge is placed at right position if not then take out the cartridge and place it back again. If the problem still persist then call on Lexmark Printer Phone Number
  3. Printer device not connecting with mobile: If your printer is latest then you can send a print command from your phone. Most new WI-FI printer support AirPrint which allows user to send a print command using a mobile phone.
  4. Printing takes too much time while connected to WI-FI: If you printer to too far from your router then perhaps it might take more time to print. To solve the issue place your printer near your router and update the firmware.
  5. Printer is too slow: Sometimes user face issue while using their printer, this issue can be slowness of printer while printing a document. To solve this issue you can update the firmware






Lexmark printer Setup
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