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Modern Setup Host

With the change if technology where window 10 is the latest window after window 8. You can easily update your windows and reap multiple benefits. A user can easily update window from Window 7, Window 8, and Window 8.1 to Window 10. This helps the user to save their data and application, but if a user is using window XP or Vista then you need to clean install. It is recommended to save all the data over a hard disk before clean installing a window. In case you do not need the data then you can clean install without a backup.


There is a different way to update window to Window 10. Here are three most common ways to update the windows if you face any issue in updating the window then you can call on Modern Setup Host Support Number.

  1. The easiest method to update the windows in to update it using USB or a DVD.
  2. The next method is to upgrade using window update
  3. Next method is to update using Media Creation Tool


Method 1: The common reason why the window is not upgraded is that the system lacks sufficient space. To use Modern setup host and media creation toolkit a user is required to have approximately 8GB space. You can delete any unnecessary application and data from your computer or laptop. You can also backup some data to make space in your system.

Method 2: Preparing Windows for the update

For using this method you need to use some system changes, which should include disabling service which is not related to the window. Here is a simple step for the window to update and eliminate the potential problem:-

  1. On your keyboard hold window and press R
  2. Now type in msconfig and press enter
  3. This should open system configuration
  4. Now choose service
  5. On your bottom left the screen Hide all Microsoft services
  6. Now at bottom right corner click Disable All
  7. Then click Apply and then OK to save changes.


Method 3: Creating a bootable USB for upgrading the system

With this method, you can update your windows using a bootable USB flash drive. You can use the different toolkit to make your device bootable but if you face any issue then you can call on Modern Setup Host Helpline. Once you USB is bootable you can boot the system from USB and update the window.

Method 4:  For this method, a user is required to run Disk Cleanup and delete a folder which is named as $Windows.~WS from the partition of your system. The option Disk Cleanup helps the user to remove unnecessary files from the system to make more space for the user to use.

Are you facing issue to update your window then in order to get complete support and service you can call on Modern Setup Helpline Phone Number.



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